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Renting an Apartment Guide : Even with bad Credit


Apartment Renting Is Not Difficult. Consider These Ideas.

Do you have plans for renting an apartment out there? There
is a solution for you. There are many factors that you should consider. You will note that most people usually rent different apartments out there.

Ideally, you should rent an apartment that fits your budget. You should also choose an apartment that is strategically located. Ideally, it should be closer to where you work and so on.

You will note that apartment renting is not an easy undertaking.
Most people usually experience challenges here and there. If you want to rent an apartment, there are some factors that you should consider.

You should know how to rent an apartment even when you have bad credit. It is also important that you know how you can save more on your rent expense. This article will help you understand these ideas in detail. The following are ideas on how to rent an apartment out there:

1. Know the type of apartment that you want.

You will realize that there are many types of apartments out
there. This is because different clients usually have different needs. Ideally, you should know the kind of apartment that you are looking for. Are you looking for a studio apartment or for a one-bedroom apartment duplex or triplex?

You should be clear about how you want your apartment to look like. It will be a good idea to be a bit flexible when searching for an apartment out there. You should be keen to check the size of
the apartment, presence of natural light, parking and other amenities. This can actually help you to get more value for your money.

2. Check the neighborhood.

It is worth noting that each neighborhood usually has its
own personality. In this case, you should choose the one that fits your lifestyle and values. You will note that some people normally like urban neighborhood while others usually like suburban neighborhoods. You should, therefore, choose the one that suits your needs. Remember that the type of neighborhood that you
choose will actually determine the amount of rent that you will pay at the end.

3. Property management.

It is worth noting that most apartments usually have property
managers. You will note that these property managers usually handle any issues for residents of different apartments. You can even get these property managers online. Ideally, you should choose those managers that have your best interests.
This can prevent you from getting frustrated. If property management is good, you can trust that you will live peacefully in that apartment for longer periods.

Can you rent an apartment with bad credit?

Did you know that your credit score can determine whether
you are going to rent an apartment or not? Most people hardly know this. You will note that some landlord might be hesitant to allow you to rent their apartment if you have bad credit. This can actually frustrate you. The following are ideas on how to rent an apartment with bad credit:

1. Know your credit report.

It is important that you know your credit report so that you
can know your credit history. Sometimes, the credit report might have errors and this can actually hinder you from getting an apartment of your dreams.

you click below link to check your free credit score


You should ensure that these errors are removed so that you can have a good credit report.
This can help you to get an apartment out there.

2. Consider those apartments that do not need credit.

You will realize that there are some landlords who do not
ask for credit reports before allowing you to rent their apartment. You should, therefore, aim for apartments that are owned by individual landlords that do not require you to have good credit. Some of them are actually ready to take a risk on a tenant who has bad credit. As long as you have a good rental history,
you can trust that you will secure an apartment in the long run.

3. Ensure that you have a steady and provable income.

It is worth to note that sufficient income can actually
offset negative credit history. This has actually worked well for many people out there. If you have proof of your income, you can trust that you will get an apartment of your choice. Sometimes, you can make about 3 to 4 times the monthly rent just to show your landlord that you can actually manage to pay
rent without any difficulties.

4. Renting an apartment with a co-signer.

This is another option that can help you get an apartment
even when you have bad credit. In this case, your co-signer should meet the necessary credit qualification. If this individual has good credit, you can be sure that you will be able to secure an apartment of your choice.

5. Be ready to pay more upfront.

You will be required to pay a higher security deposit between
one and three months of rent in order to move to your new apartment. In this case, you should ensure that you have more money when looking for a new
apartment out there.

How can you save on rent?

Most people would like to reduce their rent in order to do
other activities. You can actually save more money when renting an apartment and even manage to start a business. However, there are some ideas that can help you to achieve this objective. The following are ideas on how to save on

1. Choose a different location.

Sometimes, the location where you want to rent an apartment
might make you spend more money on rent. This means that you have to dig deeper into your pocket. You might actually save more money if you choose to move far away from your school or workplace. However, this distance should be a considerable distance.

You can even look for different locations and check
their respective prices.

This can help you to save more money.

2. Consider getting roommates.

You can consider getting a roommate whom you like and share
a lot of qualities. This can still help you to reduce your rent.

You can even get more roommates as long as you will not be congested in your apartment. If you choose comfortable roommates, you can trust that you will have a good time with them and even share rent cost with them. This has worked well for many people out there.

3. Consider private rentals.

You can actually save a lot by renting private apartments. You
can get these private rentals in the newspapers and even on the internet. Sometimes, you might get a poster indicating that a certain apartment is privately owned.
Renting this apartment can help you to save more money.

Consider these factors when renting an apartment and you
will not regret. These ideas can help you get a good apartment and still help you to save more on your rent. Consider these apartment renting ideas today and
you will not be frustrated.

Stock Market Trends: Analyze & Identify It Correctly

Stock market trends

Around 2.31- 8.31 billion shares are traded each day in the US markets.

And for every single transaction made in the market each day has its results in the price movements which in turn change the Stock market trends.

You can never predict in absolute term, how these collections of transactions will work because this transaction represents a collection of individuals, speculators, investors, hedge funds, mutual funds, etc. Each with a different view and objective of the markets.

But there is an “Order in this chaos” and it’s your job to find it and this article will help you understand it.

Sensing Stock Market Trends

They said “Trends are Friends’.

If you are trying to interpret current stock market trends why not use the classic “Dow Theory” which was developed by Charles Dow, who was Co-founder and editor of the wall street journal until his death in 1902 and was also the co-founder of Dow Jones & company. The Dow Theory which is a  market-timing tool that has been relevant on Wall Street for over a century now. This is still very relevant for any financial market, any country or at any given point of time.

Now, Trends are really important for the traders and Trends can make or break the life of any trader.

Similarly, the understanding of Long term trends is also an important component for any Long term investor’s success.

If trends are not with you then it will be in very difficult positions.

But wait, what is a Trend actually is?

Simply put trends are “Movement of price averages

You may have heard simple moving average or  Weighted moving average well let’s not dig into that now.

According to Dow theory

The Market Has Three Trends

All of which may be in progress at one and the same time. or in other words, All three trends are active all the time and maybe moving in opposite directions.

Primary Trend

When people say we are in the Bull-market(long uptrend) or in the Bear-market (long Downtrend) they are basically indicating the broad upward or downward trends also know as Primary stock market trends. These trends may last several years. Primary trends are often interrupted by secondary and minor trends.

These long term market trends are most easy to understand, classify and Identify.


Secondary Trends

These are the most deceptive trend or reactions these are an important decline in bull markets or rally in a primary bear trend.

These reactions usually remain for a few weeks or months

These trends are super important for speculators and swing of momentum traders.

And if a long term investor is willing to work a bit more. He or she can optimize the portfolio returns by going Long or shots in parts as these trends present themselves.

Young Warren Buffet with small capital was used to do the same with his Graham-dodd style value investing enabling him to ride the full secondary trends often.



Minor/Tertiary Trends

These are daily fluctuations and mainly are concerned of the day traders who attempt to make money on a daily basis.

As time goes by these trends may become the secondary reaction when continued for at least a week or so.

When trying to figure out the stock market trends, you should train your eyes to look for all the three trends.

 No real stock market trends without volumes

One important factor and where most of the people make mistakes is that “These Trends must be confirmed with Volumes”. 

if there’s an uptrend then that should be confirmed with more buying volumes and downtrend should be confirmed with more sell volumes.

Phases of Trends

To increase your understanding further. You must know that each trend has three distinct phases of the “Trends”.

In the typical Bull market for example

After steep corrections, when usually markets feel hopeless and fear grips the market “Smart money”, institutional investors and value investors who invest for very long term get in and start accumulations slowly at dirt cheap prices without spooking prices too much. this is an accumulation phase. Like for a mutual fund, it’s not easy to move in and out quickly without affecting the prices much. it can take up to 3-4 weeks for a mutual fund to take any position.

Once prices start to move up a bit short term trader & jump in & usually coincides with improved market sentiments tend to take the stock price higher hence the beginning of the “markup phase”

As more and more public participation and trading increase, trend reaches a phase called “Distribution Phase” where now long term investors usually start offloading their position slowly and it usually followed by panic and cycle starts again.

Similarly, in a primary bear trend, It starts with the distribution phase, then public participation or markdown phase, and ends with panic (or despair) phase.

These cycles are always present in Secondary and minor trends as well.


Limitations of Dow theory

1. Markets are Always Efficient

Dow theory is based on Efficient market theory, which means all information – past, current and even future are reflected in current market prices are already discounted which includes earnings potential, competitive advantage aka “The Moats”, management competence as it completely ignores the behavioral & value aspect of markets.

Which in turn means You Cannot beat the market returns.

And that’s simply NOT TRUE(emphasis added).

Here warren buffet think about Efficient market theory

“I’m convinced that there are many inefficiencies in the market. These Graham-and-Doddsville investors have successfully exploited gaps between price and value. When the price of a stock can be influenced by a “herd” on Wall Street with prices set at the margin by the most emotional person, or the greediest person, or the most depressed person, it is hard to argue that the market always prices rationally. In fact, market prices are frequently nonsensical.”

2. It’s just a monitor

Dow theory reads Markets like a Heart monitor, It won’t tell you the cause of changes but may lead to the symptoms that lead to change.

These methods can only give you a general idea of trends only.

These are not an infallible system for beating the market.

Any financial market is just a collection of individual human beings and bots. Human beings are fallible.


Analyzing stock market trends are a critical factor for success.

An investor with very long term view try to capture primary trends and are not concerned with secondary & minor trends. But can optimize the returns by taking secondary trends into consideration.

Short/medium term investor and speculators can ride the secondary trends they can optimize their returns with minor trends.

As with anything in life more you train your eyes to look at the markets better you will get with time. Better you will be able to play the markets

And combining your value investing with stock market trends is a very intelligent way of investing.

Next time when someone asks you “what is the market trend?”

I hope you will answer with “Which one you want to know?

Budget 2019-Why Stock Market is Not Liking this?

financial budget 2019- why indian market not liking this budget

Finance Budget 2019, India Ready to Make Markets More Attractive soon


The Macros are shifting in India. With this budget 2019 seems like  NDA 2.0’s aims to make the domestic markets more attractive and accessible to foreign investors

And Macro investors like Jim Rogers must be smiling, so are the value investors because they will soon find bargains.

It looks like even the Modi Government is anticipating a big crash and Bear and position itself to collect Maximum revenues i.e taxes


Following are the key takeaways from Finance budget 2019, India

Mandatory increase in Public Float to 35%

Although the Government of India proposed a mandatory increase in Public shareholding to 35%. The Market regulator SEBI yet to confirm this. But the government is certainly sure of it.

If Regulator follows the government proposal, Then Around 1400 listed companies where promoters holding are over 65 percent stake will have to offload to meet the new requirement, Resulting Around Rs 4 Trillion of excess equity supply in the Indian Markets.

Here is the list of Top 20 companies will get affected

budget 2019-top companies to get affected by minimum 35% public holding

Many Blue chip companies are in Dilemma whether to sell excess holding or delist their company

Delisting will be Double taxable to investors (See buyback taxes below).

Security Transaction Tax In Derivative.

Till now, In Option Trades, the buyer had to pay STT at 0.125 % of the settlement price.

And when an option is not exercised, the seller had to pay STT at the rate of 0.05 % on the option premium received.

This Budget streamlined the Securities Transaction Tax (STT) by restricting it to only the difference between settlement and strike prices in case of exercise of options

From now STT will be charged only on the difference between Settlement and Strike price if option exercised.

So, Expect more trades expiring “in the money”

The FII/Big investors can now make positions through Options with lesser risk and money.

Here in Investorchief believe that scrips with the mandatory Delivery settlement will experience more volatility, so the more chances of the find bargains. you might want to compare your List of “Circle of competence” list with  List of Mandatory Physical Delivery settlements for Derivatives.

BuyBack Taxes Surprise in budget 2019

In the Bull markets, Companies often use Buybacks to drive prices higher.

But now, It will be 20% BuyBack Taxes in Addition to 10 % Long term capital gain taxes re-introduced in the earlier budget by then Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

This will also put an extra burden on the companies who are thinking of Delisting or just using buybacks to drive the prices of stocks.

Double taxation on the hand of the investor will also be the Deciding factors in coming days to come.

In Conclusion,

Current signs are not good given the recent lower GDP growth & slower consumption rate. Indian public Banks are still in trouble, Newer NPAs are being reported day by day. Government bailing them out using Public money. Government providing the stimulus but markets are Still failing or hardly performing well. Punishing rich with extra taxes. These are classic signs of a weak market.

while the Markets were rising and getting narrower by the stimulus efforts. Likewise, the corporate earnings and dividends were not increasing,

so it will be natural to expect that some corrections or bear is around the corner

just waiting for Some event to trigger it

Which the reason that Short term Trader are bracing for the markets. But Long term value investor are rejoicing as Soon many bargains will be available in future forward.

What you think, what will be the “Trigger”?Could this be the trade war or this budget is? or anything else Let us know in the comments